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E-Commerce Website Design £20 per Month

According to the latest researches online shopping is growing 26 times faster and nearly 50% of the population is making purchases through the net. We strongly believe that you are to take advantage of this fact, through our software, and establish your own E-commerce website (e-Shop). In other words this software is predominantly customer oriented and allows you to start your own business with minimum money investment. Our E-commerce websites are perfect for everyone from people who are new to the Internet to experts with large shopping stores. We believe that this is a unique chance for anyone who wishes to show their products to the world. All our E-commerce websites are with client and administration interface. Powerful and functional they will give you a plenty of options to organize and present the products in your E-commerce website in the best way.

Our E-commerce websites will answer your demands for sure. Purchase our E-commerce websites and you will receive free support, free updates, unlimited products, unlimited pages and many more..just for £20 per month.

This entirely developed E-commerce website is perfect for newcomers and people who are not well-grounded with computer technologies. With the built in Admin menu and our free e-mail support you need nothing else to start your e-shop today.
Within a week your website will be up and running- ready to meet all the needs of your potential customers.
•Revenue Details:

This e-commerce website is the perfect solution that guarantees you to boost your internet sales. The unique design of the entire software helps you create reports and analyses of your e-Shop which increases the efficiency of your business which is ultimately your goal!

1. Quick Find
This section enables your clients to search your e-Shop by entering key words.

2. Categories
Within the section there is information for the main categories and subcategories in which the products are organized. A click on a category, loads a web page with subcategories. One more click on a subcategory and a list of all products appear. Clicking on a selected product opens a new web page containing all the available info.

3. Specials
This category of your E-commerce website contains products which price have been reduced or are on special offer. A click on the product's image loads a new web page containing all available details for the product.

4. New products
Here are images of new products. Every image has a hyperlink to a web page with all available details for the new product.

5. Information
This section of your E-commerce website contains hyperlinks to web pages with general information as:
- The terms and conditions of your e-Shop
- Delivery and refund policy
- Security of the money transactions
- Information about your e-Shop

6. My Cart
Within this section of your E-commerce website there is a list with the products your clients have selected to buy. Each name on the list with products has a hyperlink with all the available details. Here your client can change either the selected items or their quantity which automatically updates the total amount to be paid. At the bottom of the web page is the total amount which your client has to pay for the selected products.

Options available for registered clients of your e-Shop
1. New clients registration
Here is the obligatory form which has to be filled with the required information. Every new client has to fill in this form correctly.

2. Login page
Here your E-commerce websites clients log in with their e-mail address and password. If a client forgets his/her password, there is an option for the password to be sent to his/hers e-mail address.

3. My Account section for every client
Once being registered with your e-Shop every customer will automatically be assigned with My Account section where all the info entered during the registration is stored.

4. My Orders
Here is the place where the history of all purchased products is. Your clients will have access to their previous purchases in the following format:
- Order Number
- Order Status
- Order Date
- Products ordered
- Order Cost
- Shipped to

5. E-mail notifications
All clients and you will receive e-mail notification when a product is purchased.

6. Checkout
For the client to finalize a purchase, a four step procedure is launched.
- Delivery Information.
- Payment Information.
All the payment methods are presented to your client, including PayPal, Credit/Debit Card, Authorise.co.uk, etc.
- Confirmation.
Here are all the details of the order, which need confirmation in order to be edited.
- Finished.
Information is displayed confirming the order and the time it will take for the goods to be delivered.

We will continue to provide you free support whenever needed via email and phone.

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