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Complete eCommerce Website Design for just £650.

Online shops are experiencing increasing purchases of their goods and services on the Internet world wide, it has never been a more important time to sell effectively on the web via an eCommerce website or market place platforms such as eBay.

We offer the complete eCommerce (online store) solutions that will only cost you £650. if you like to host the website with us then there is an extra £10 per month hosting fee and you will get unlimited web space for your unlimited products. 

The website will be tailored to suit your business specifically. Our content management eCommerce & shopping cart software allows you to completely control and maintain your online shop without the need of having advanced computer skills or even experience.

Convenience, with our eCommerce web design and eCommerce website development solutions you can log on to the administrative section (CMS) of your online shop any time, day or night to carry out various tasks for example, order processing, adding and updating products & prices to name just a few of the things you can do from anywhere in the world just as long you have an internet connection.

It is essential for an online retailer to have an eCommerce website which oozes trust and reassurance along with complete eCommerce functionality including a shopping cart facility allowing for easy online purchases by customers in order for there to be any chances of success. We specialise in providing our clients with the latest in eCommerce design concepts and powerful tools to ensure the smooth running of the eCommerce web site and online store, to read more about our eCommerce web design services see Shopping Cart eCommerce Web Design or contact us for a consultation and quote.

The Shopping Cart

The shopping cart or shopping basket is a facility whereby a customer shopping on your ecommerce website is able to add multiple items to the function widely known as shopping cart or shopping basket, once item(s) are added to the shopping cart the customer is then provided with a choice, to keep on shopping or to checkout, if the customer decides to keep on shopping, the items added to the shopping cart are kept safe so that once the customer has added all the products he/she wants to buy from your online store, they can safely go to checkout and pay for all the items they added to the shopping cart. Our shopping cart systems have a good memory, if a customer abandons the purchase at any point after items have been added to the shopping cart, the items will be kept safe for that customer for when they return.

Content Management (CMS) for E-Commerce

To ensure that as an online retailer you get the best out of your online ecommerce web presence, we create ecommerce websites which are supported by content management facilities and ecommerce administration systems, so that you may be in control of your websites contents as and when you require (on demand), you can login from anywhere in the world to update information, products, process orders, keep in touch with customers and more, to read more about content management systems and ecommerce website administration see Content Management (CMS)

Mobile E-Commerce

Mobile Ecommerce or M-Commerce (or mCommerce) as it is also known allows customers to navigate through an ecommerce website with ease on a small screen, it allows customers to view the products that you sell on the go and is an easy way for customers to buy products from your website, m-commerce jumps in to action when your ecommerce website is accessed via a mobile device and if the same website is accessed using a regular desktop or laptop computer the full ecommerce website is deployed to the web browser. In actual fact the m-commerce website contains all the information your regular ecommerce website contains, the only difference is, it's compatible with mobile devices, making it easier for customers to view products and make purchases without having to constantly zoom in. to read more about M-Commerce see Mobile E-Commerce or contact us for a consultation and quote.

Planning a website

Planning is essential for all businesses, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail as the saying goes, to find out more about how to plan a website, contact us for a consultation and quote.

Payment Gateways

Payment gateways allow your ecommerce website to accept payment from major credit and debit cards, our ecommerce websites come with Paypal, 2Checkout, Worldpay, Sagepay and many more, please call for the latest list of payment gateways.

Search Engine Friendly Development

When designing and developing an ecommerce website or even a standard business website it is essential that the website is constructed in a search engine friendly manner so that search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing can understand and index the content displayed within a website, we specialise in constructing ecommerce websites that are search engine friendly and allow the search bots to easily understand & index all the information and products within the Ecommerce Website Design. For further information on how we can help you achieve the best possible search engine friendly ecommerce web site contact us for a consultation and quote.

Standard features of our eCommerce / Online Store websites:

  • Secure password protected administration area from which to manage your products, customer data and settings.
  • The ability to add, edit and remove products, categories and sub-categories instantly and at will.
  • Product sorting, copying and moving between all categories and sub-categories within your store.
  • Unlimited number of images per product, including auto-resizing of images to create thumbnails and pop-up / zoomed images.
  • A detailed source of information on all your customers such as location, email address and other contact details.
  • Cross selling functionality such as "Customers who bought "X" also bought...", related products and matching items..
  • Full history of all orders placed by your customers.
  • Option to print invoices, archive old orders and send order updates to your customers automatically by email.
  • Banner management
  • Stock management including email alerts based on stock levels


Example of some eCommerce shops:

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